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Jul 31, 2018

Loggers Leap Thoughts


The big question... what do you think should happen with the site? or do you think Loggers should return? Let me know below



Personally I’d love to see it return however the longer it sits the less likely it seems it will. If it were to be replaced I’d love to either a GCI or an RMC of some form I think that’d really fit in with the old town area!

Jul 31, 2018Edited: Jul 31, 2018

The posibility of this ride opening in the future is uncertain however I do think merlin will push to get it open. This is because thorpe have marketed towards themes for more grown up audiences over the past few years and would benifit from this log flume by attracting family frenidly audiences. Retheme it and brand it as something new like tiger rock and all will be well. I could also so a coaster going around the loggers leap area. If they tried, they could squeeze an intamin/mack multi-launch coaster weeving in and out of the log flume with the station being where the Platform 15 Entrance was at fright nights last year. It could have a theme similar to Maverick at Cedar Point. Got wayy to carried away then lol!


Aug 1, 2018

Personally, I think a flume is an important part of a theme park and it’s sad to now see both Thorpe and Alton without one! That said I would be happier if they made some sort of new ride experience in the space rather than it be unused with Loggers left to rot

Aug 1, 2018

I think it would Be great if they had an RMC in its place but I completely understand that they need to keep the log flume, maybe spend a few million really renovating it and making it a full experience, it could be really good to be honest

Aug 1, 2018

I would like it to open because I’ve never done it and would love to do it